It is almost exactly a year since we launched the TYM online shop as part of a comprehensive revamp of our website, and the results have certainly given us cause to celebrate its first birthday.

It took a few months for customers to become aware of the online shopping facility and all the product details to be bedded in and updated, but sales through the site have grown steadily ever since.

Embracing Digital

TYM director Nick Phillips said: “To be honest we didn’t really expect to instantly do a huge amount of business through the online shop as our regular customers are used to ordering over the telephone and e-mail.

“But as time went on it became clear that it was a convenient way to place regular orders for established customers, and what we didn’t expect was the number of new customers who have found us through searching the shop and then get in touch to ask about other products.”

“Over the last few months the shop has done really well and overall it has exceeded our expectations.”
We are always looking for ways that we can improve the services offered through the online shop and welcome any suggestions or feedback. If you do have any suggestions or questions, please call us on 01380 734510, or email us at