At TYM we pride ourselves on using our decades of experience and expertise in the seals and gaskets industry to identify and introduce new products that genuinely improve on what went before for customers.

TYM became one the first suppliers of the revolutionary, Germinster-Lloyd approved, Tesnit® back in 2011, and with Tesnit® much in demand, that foresight means we’ve consistently been able to offer customers in the UK outstanding prices and maintain healthy levels of stock.

Embracing Tesnit

The range of applications Tesnit® is used for continues to grow, particularly among customers in the automotive industry and those manufacturing seals for boilers, on account of its outstanding resistance to water, gases, oils and fuels.
For customers who are aware of Tesnit® but not quite sure what it is and what they could use it for, here is the manufacturer’s description of the material and the production process:

“Tesnit® is a compressed gasket material based on aramide fibres and NBR nitrile rubber, produced in sheet form on special rollers known as calanders, which roll out the pasty mix of materials between a heated and a cool roller to achieve the right thickness.”

The final properties that dictate which of the range of Tesnit® sheeting is appropriate for a particular application is dependent on the number and openness of the fibres and the amount and type of fillers and rubber used.

Tesnit® BA-203 is particularly valued for medium application loadings, while BA-202 is employed for lower loadings. Other options afford outstanding thermal, steam, chemical and acid and alkaline resistance and mechanical properties.

Tesnit Sheeting

We keep plentiful stocks of Tesnit® sheeting by the roll at 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm or 3mm thick, or we can cut it for gaskets and seals to your particular specifications in our specialist machinery workshop.

Just let us know what application you are looking to use Tesnit® for and our expert team will be able to advise on the right choice.

If you do have any questions, please call us on 01380 734510, or email us at