In the fast-paced world of industrial advancements, we have emerged as a key player, introducing a ground-breaking product that is transforming the autoclave and door seal industry.

SLIK Seal, a self-exuding oil silicone rubber developed after six years of dedicated research and development.

Let’s delve into the innovative features of SLIK Seal and explore how it's reshaping the landscape of autoclave and door seal applications.


The Birth of SLIK Seal

We invested six years in the meticulous development of SLIK Seal, a product designed to revolutionize autoclave door seals.

Unlike traditional seals that require graphite, SLIK Seal eliminates this need, paving the way for a superior autoclave door seal performance.

This innovation not only streamlines the sealing process, but also contributes to enhanced efficiency and longevity.


Versatility in Applications

One of SLIK Seal's standout features is its versatility.

Available in tubing sections extrusions, this self-exuding oil silicone rubber is suitable for a diverse range of applications.

Whether it's water, food and beverage, high temperature, low temperature, or medical settings, SLIK Seal proves to be a reliable solution, adapting seamlessly to various environments and industries.


Benefits of SLIK Seal

The advantages of SLIK Seal go beyond its innovative formulation.

Graphite-Free Excellence

Traditional autoclave door seals often require the use of graphite, a practice that can lead to complications and maintenance challenges. SLIK-Seal breaks away from this convention, presenting a graphite-free solution.

This not only simplifies the manufacturing process, but also addresses concerns related to graphite, offering a cleaner and more efficient alternative.

Extended Lifespan

Beyond its immediate advantages, SLIK-Seal's impact extends to the long-term durability of autoclave door seals.

The elimination of graphite minimises wear and tear, contributing to an extended lifespan. This not only aligns with sustainability goals but also translates to cost savings through reduced maintenance requirements.


Superior Performance

The six years dedicated to the development of SLIK Seal were driven by a commitment to achieving superior performance.

This self-exuding oil silicone rubber ensures a consistently tight seal, even in the demanding conditions of autoclave applications.

Its ability to maintain performance over time contributes to reduced downtime and increased operational efficiency.


Autoclave Door Seals Expertise

We bring more than just a groundbreaking product to the table; we also boast over 25 years of expertise in supplying door seals to the autoclave industry.

Our extensive experience has solidified TYM's reputation as one of the premier suppliers in the UK and Europe. Clients can trust in the reliability and quality of our door seals, including the game changing SLIK Seal.

Learn more about SLIK Seal, here, or speak to one of our experts today regarding anything to do with seals and gaskets.