In this blog post, we’re going to look at which gasket materials are most suitable for use with water. The material from which you manufacture gaskets out of is very important. Very often the material used will depend on the liquids, gases and pressures it will come into contact with when fitted to the machinery it has been made for. As you can imagine, different materials will suit different applications.

Exposed the elements

A gasket can come into contact with water through either being exposed to the weather, the sea or domestic water supplies. The ideal material must be able to keep its shape and not degrade in the condition when being constantly exposed to water. Some materials may perform well when submerged in fresh or domestic drinking water, but may not do so well in salt water.

Drinking water safety

The WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) recommend EPDM rubber for use with drinking water in the United Kingdom. The rubber should conform with British Standard regulations BS6920 and BS EN681-1. This ensures that drinking water does not become contaminated or have its taste affected by coming into contact with the rubber. 

Best water gasket materials

Here is a rundown of TYM’s gasket materials that perform well with water:

Platinum Cured Silicone A very good all-rounder and can be used for both fresh and saltwater. It is also a firm favourite in the food, beverage and medical industries because it has no peroxide by-products. This means you cut a gasket from platinum cured silicone, that the gasket itself will not taint the water at all.

Neoprene rubberExcellent for outdoor use and is highly resistant to water. Often used to protect electrical systems from bad weather. Neoprene will not degrade easily when exposed to either salt or freshwater. 

Silicone rubberThis material is also highly weather-resistant and will react well under prolonged exposure to water.  As well as being able to withstand heat, wind and rain, WRAS approved silicone sheet can also be used for drinking water.

EPDM rubberThis synthetic rubber is one of the best types of gasket materials for use with water.