Adhesive-backed gaskets are very useful and have several industrial applications. In this blog post we’ll take a look at them and how they are used.

Self-adhesive gaskets are gaskets that are covered with an adhesive backing. They are designed to help at the fitting stage to reduce the chance of the gasket losing its shape. Generally, the gasket will have paper covering the adhesive and it will be peeled off just before the gasket is fitted to the designated surface. The adhesive is only for aiding the fitting of the gasket and does not play any sealing or structural role.

Gasket Materials

The gaskets are made from a selection of hard-wearing materials. These materials are often available in adhesive-backed sheets that can be used to manufacture the gaskets from them. The materials used for this type of gasket include Neoprene sponge, Silicone foam, EPDM sponge, solid Neoprene and solid Silicone.

Main uses

Adhesive-backed gaskets are designed to be used in situations where there is a risk of the gasket being deformed or slipping. This could be at a point where two pieces of machinery are being fitted together and the gasket forms the seal between them. The adhesive backing is often used to keep the gasket in place until shearing bolts are fixed and tightened.

Another popular use of these gaskets is where a gasket needs to be fitted quickly. This could be in a situation where, due to safety concerns, there is only a short period of time for the fitting to take place before it becomes too dangerous to continue. Therefore, if the gasket is able to be stuck in place firmly, then the rest of the fitting process can continue without a hitch.


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