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Metal Detectable Silicone Cord

Within many industries today, including food, pet food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, textile and many more, there is an ever present risk of product contamination from foreign objects. Statistics show that food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries are most at risk from foreign body contamination issues. If these remain undetected, they can result in damage to equipment, costs incurred through product recalls, harm to the company's reputation and in the worst case, serious injury to consumers inadvertently coming into contact with the contaminant. Metal detectable silicone cord has been proven to help prevent this

Stock cord comes in Blue 60 shore and ranges from 1.5mm-12mm diameter

Other sizes, hardness's and colours are available on request

They can also be heat vulcanized into endless rings.

We also sell Metal Detectable Silicone Sheet

For larger quantities and more information on this product please call our sales team on 01380-734510 or email us at

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Purchase Options

Product Code Diameter Length Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 8887 1.50mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 8887 1.50mm 10.00MTRS £25.00
TYM 9508 2.00mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 9508 2.00mm 10.00MTRS £25.00
TYM 7532 3.00mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 7532 3.00mm 10.00MTRS £25.00
TYM 6534 4.00mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 6534 4.00mm 10.00MTRS £25.00
TYM 3474 5.00mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 3474 5.00mm 10.00MTRS £25.00
TYM 6896 6.00mm 5.00MTRS £20.00
TYM 6896 6.00mm 10.00MTRS £35.00
TYM 9314 7.00mm 5.00MTRS £22.00
TYM 9314 7.00mm 10.00MTRS £40.00
TYM 8396 8.00mm 5.00MTRS £24.00
TYM 8396 8.00mm 10.00MTRS £45.00
TYM 7533 10.00mm 5.00MTRS £33.00
TYM 7533 10.00mm 10.00MTRS £59.60
TYM 6784 12.00mm 5.00MTRS £40.00
TYM 6784 12.00mm 10.00MTRS £77.50

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