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Metal Detectable Silicone Sheet

A widespread global concern is the risk of silicone particles from machinery contaminating products on the production line.

This concern is widespread in manufacturing - particularly industries associated with food, drink and pharmaceuticals.

Metal detectable silicone rubber seals and gasket technology can quickly and efficiently be detected to prevent contamination.

Will allow detection of any eroding particles entering the process line using in-line metal detection systems.

The production process can be stopped quickly, the contaminated products are segregated and the process line is maintained to rectify the problem.

Therefore, the risk of production downtime and probability of waste being produced is greatly reduced.

Metal Detectable Silicone Sheets are supplied in 1mtr wide rolls

0.5mm-6mm come in 10mtr rolls,

8mm and 10mmthk in 5mtr rolls

We also sell Metal Detectable Silicone Cord

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Purchase Options

Product Code Thickness Length/Width Colour Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 10193 0.5MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £48.06
TYM 8094 1.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £56.57
TYM 7687 1.50MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £70.39
TYM 7688 2.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £80.80
TYM 7689 3.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £101.76
TYM 8095 4.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £123.59
TYM 8096 5.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £147.00
TYM 7690 6.00MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £168.73
TYM 9824 8.0MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £182.99
TYM 9825 10.0MMTHK 1MTR X 1MTR Blue £228.55

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