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What is FKM?

FKM is a highly resilient form of synthetic rubber. Although its official name is Fluoro-Elastomer, it is usually referred to as  FKM rubber after a popular brand which manufactures it. The hard-wearing qualities of FKM make it very popular in the oil and gas industries.

Properties of  FKM

 FKM's standard colour is black but it can also be supplied in Green or Brown, Structurally, it can be identified by its SG rating of 1.8-2.0 kg/m3, which is significantly higher than most types of rubber. Silicone density is 1.2 kg/m3

 FKM is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -10c through to as high as + 250c. It is also resistant to fuels such as acidic biodiesel and strong organic solvents. These fuels and chemicals would usually destroy other less resilient rubber.

Uses of  FKM

 FKM is most commonly used in the manufacture of O-rings and gaskets, as well as rubber sheeting. Because of its highly-resilient properties,  FKM is often used when dealing with aggressive chemicals and fuels.

The oil and gas industries use  FKM in several areas. FKM rubber tubing and hose linings are used in the transportation of unstable fuels such as Bio-diesel. sheeting is employed in areas of industry where explosive gases are used extensively. 


TYM Seals & Gaskets

TYM has nearly 40 years experience in supplying and manufacturing gaskets and seals made from silicone, FKM fluoroelastomer, neoprene, nitrile and more.

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