Food grade silicone rubber tubing has many properties that make it ideally suited for use in the food and drink industries. The chemical properties of silicone rubber  include robust construction, a non-stick surface and superb temperature resilience. This versatile rubber tubing is found in commercial breweries, soft drink manufacture and vending industries. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular uses for food grade silicone tubing.

Dairy production

Silicone tubing is used widely in the dairy industry. Dairy hoses are platinum cured and are transparent in colour. Like much tubing used in the food and drink industry, dairy hoses are made of platinum cured silicone because it does not use peroxide or ketones, allowing the milk to pass through the hose without being tainted by the silicone. The silicone can also withstand sterilization without degrading.

Wine production

You’ll find silicone tubing used in wine production because like other areas of food production, the liquids passing through the tubing must not be tainted by the tubing itself. It should also be able to withstand high and low temperatures, as well as being non-stick so as not to inhibit the wine flowing through.

Drinks Vending

An excellent all-rounder, platinum cured silicone tubing is often used in commercial drinks vending machines.  This tubing is highly suitable for all types of vending applications because of its clarity and neutrality, which means taste is not impaired.


Beer production facilities also use food grade silicone tubing to transport liquids without the risk of tainting. Apart from safety reasons, this is also important from a brewing point of view, as the beer making process requires filtration and blending of the liquid as well as rigorous cleaning of the pipes afterwards. At no point can the material affect the taste of the beer.


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