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Silicone Radiator Hose

TYM manufactures and supplies a wide range of hoses for Radiator, Heater and Coolant applications. Polyester Reinforced Straight Silicone Hoses

Standard bore sizes: 6mm to 203mm PLUS REDUCER STRAIGHTS to suit varying connections

Polyester Reinforced Shaped Silicone Hoses Standard bore sizes: 10mm to 203mm

Standard shapes: 90°, 135° and 45°

We are also able to supply hoses with multiple bends to suit your unique applications PLUS REDUCING DIAMETERS to suit varying connections along with our silicone range we also offer epdm Reinforced E.P.D.M. Hoses Standard bore sizes: 13mm to 100mm Most standard sizes available from stock in 90° and straights

 We are also able to offer Shaped, Multiple bends and Reducing hoses in reinforced EPDM (subject to minimum batch quantities).


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Buy Silicone Radiator Hose in a Range of Sizes & Specifications.

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Product Code Reinforced hose PLY Length Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 10781 6.0MMID X 3.2MMWALL 2 1.0MTR £19.00
TYM 10782 8.0MMID X 3.2MMWALL 2 1.0MTR £19.00
TYM 301 10.0MMID X 4.3MMWALL 3 1.0MTR £19.00

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