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Nitrile Bonded Cork Sheet

TYM stock 2 grades that meet most of our customers requirements they are tym1120 and tym1521, both are 1mtr wide

1521 is a highly compressible synthetic based cork suitable for low and medium bolt pressure, with good flexibility and resilience, it also has good oil and fuel resistance making this an ideal cork for the automotive industry

1120 is a dual-binder formulation(Neoprene/Nitrile) which gives excellent sealing performance in mineral oils, it is also good for ozone ageing and cracking. Approved for use with BS148,Midel 7131 and Silicone Oils


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Product Code Thickness Length Width Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 2243 1.00MMTHK (Grade 1521) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £15.00
TYM 1281 1.50MMTHK (Grade 1521) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £18.00
TYM 0752 3.00MMTHK (Grade 1521) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £23.00
TYM 1148 5.00MMTHK (Grade 1521) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £32.89
TYM 0758 6.00MMTHK (Grade 1521) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £33.61
TYM 1869 1.50MMTHK( Grade 1120) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £21.50
TYM 5103 3.00MMTHK (Grade 1120) 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £34.70

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