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Neoprene/EPDM Sponge Strip Self Adhesived Backed

Neoprene provides excellent resistance against oil, acid and alkalis while EPDM has good weathering, heat and Ozone resistance.

A Neoprene/EPDM Sponge Strip is suitable for general engineering applications providing petroleum based products are not present.

Easy to install, simply peel off the self-adhesive backing.

Carriage is included in the price

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Purchase Options

Product Code Size Length Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 8756 10.00mm sq 10.00MTRS £12.50
TYM 6695 20.00mm x 3.00mm 10.00MTRS £12.50
TYM 6642 20.00mm x 6.00mm 10.00MTRS £12.50
TYM 6675 20.00mm x 10.00mm 10.00MTRS £15.00
TYM 5947 20.00mm x 12.00mm 10.00MTRS £16.00
TYM 0942 25.00mm x 3.00mm 10.00MTRS £12.50
TYM 0491 25.00mm x 6.00mm 10.00MTRS £14.00
TYM 9583 25.00mm x 10.00mm 10.00MTRS £17.50
TYM 5501 25.00mm x 12.00mm 10.00MTRS £20.00

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