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Genuine Flexoid Paper

Because of its ability to seal against petrol, oil and water at low cost, Flexoid is used extensively by leading British, European and US automotive manufacturers. Limited uses in industrial markets because of relatively low heat and chemical resistance compared with non-asbestos materials.

Can be used in Carburetor; Fuel Pump; Front Plate; Oil Pump; Oil Filter; Side Cover; Timing Cover; Thermostat; Water Pump, Gearbox Input Shaft; Exit Housing; Top Cover; Gearbox to Clutch, Rear Axle, Axle Cover and Axle Shafts.

Flexoid is Chlorine Free

We also stock these in A4 sets

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Product Code Thickness Length Width Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 3626 0.15MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £26.25
TYM 3626 0.15MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £39.50
TYM 2003 0.25MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £33.30
TYM 2003 0.25MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £42.89
TYM 0376 0.40MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £36.90
TYM 0376 0.40MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £46.55
TYM 2600 0.50MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £40.55
TYM 2600 0.50MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £52.50
TYM 1547 0.80MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £49.50
TYM 1547 0.80MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £68.60
TYM 3283 1.00MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £58.50
TYM 3283 1.00MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £82.50
TYM 1147 1.50MM 5.00MTRS 1MTR £72.45
TYM 1147 1.50MM 10.00MTRS 1MTR £112.55

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