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FKM Rubber Pad 300mmsq

Our FKM Rubber Pads are very good quality. This item is available at 300mmsq in dimensions of 1000mm x 500mm and 1000mm x 1000mm rubber pads.

We can supply these FKM Rubber pads in a thickness of 0.5mm up to  6mm.

More FKM Fluoroelastomer Pad Options

We also sell this in 100mmsq, 200mmsq and 500mmsq pads

We also supply FKM rubber Gaskets, FKM O Rings, FKM Rubber Cord, FKM Rubber Tube and FKM Sections.

For larger quantities please contact our sales team on 01380 734510 or email us on


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Buy FKM Rubber Pad 300mmsq in a Range of Sizes & Specifications.

Purchase Options

Product Code Thickness Size Quantity Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 9653 0.50mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £70.00
TYM 9654 0.80mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £90.00
TYM 9655 1.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £105.00
TYM 9656 1.50mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £115.00
TYM 9657 2.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £125.00
TYM 9658 3.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £135.00
TYM 9659 4.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £175.00
TYM 9660 5.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £225.00
TYM 9661 6.00mm 300MMSQ 3 OFF £255.00

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