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Armstrong 8094 Gasket Material

N-8094 is a low density material that conforms well to irregular flange surfaces and has very good crush resistance at high flange pressures. It is intended for sealing oils, fuels, and water in applications with short duration maximum temperatures up to 180oC (350oF).

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Product Code Thickness Length Width Price (Ex VAT)  
TYM 0771 0.40MM 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £18.00
TYM 0771 0.40MM 5.00MTR 1.00MTR £45.45
TYM 0771 0.40MM 10.00MTR 1.00MTR £66.60
TYM 2599 0.50MM 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £21.60
TYM 2599 0.50MM 5.00MTR 1.00MTR £54.00
TYM 2599 0.50MM 10.00MTR 1.00MTR £85.86
TYM 0772 0.80MM 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £25.92
TYM 0772 0.80MM 5.00MTR 1.00MTR £63.06
TYM 0772 0.80MM 10.00MTR 1.00MTR £106.77
TYM 0773 1.50MM 1.00MTR 1.00MTR £32.52
TYM 0773 1.50MM 5.00MTR 1.00MTR £108.66
TYM 0773 1.50MM 10.00MTR 1.00MTR £202.26

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