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Diaphragm Material

TYM is pleased to be one of the first stockists of Nitrile Nylon Diaphragm material in Europe, having tracked its increasing use in fuel pumps in the US and the Far East.

Nitrile Nylon Diaphragms are now the choice of the likes of Harley Davidson and Honda USA for use in their motorcycle fuel pumps. The material is particularly valued for its seamless movement between positions and superb fluid-sealing qualities.

Nitrile Nylon Diaphragm material can be used across a range of applications that require a moving barrier which is also oil, LPG and solvent resistant, including:

  • Automotive Carburettors 
  • Gas Control & Valve Equipment 
  • L.P.G. & Methane Gas 
  • Actuators & Regulators 
  • Diesel & other fuel pumps 
  • Gas & Fuel metering equipment
Nitrile Nylon Diaphragm Material
TYM is now stocking Nitrile Nylon Diaphragm material in gauges from 0.25mm to 1.5mm thick.        Technical Documents... View full description
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