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Solid Silicone Sheet

Silicone rubbers are rubber compounds with both organic and inorganic properties, as well as highly pure fumed silica as two main components. Silicone sheets possess many characteristics which are not present in other organic rubbers and have important roles in numerous industries, such as electrical, electronics, automobiles, food, medical, household appliances and leisure products.

Silicone rubber is uniquely different from conventional rubber in that the molecule structure of the polymer consists of long chains of alternating silicone and oxygen atoms. This polymer, therefore, has an organic and inorganic nature. The inorganic part makes the polymer very resistant to high temperature and gives good electrical insulating properties and chemical inertness, while the organic components make it extremely flexible.

Buy Silicone Sheet online at TYM

At TYM we stock Solid Silicone Sheets in a wide range of thicknesses (0.3mm to 12mm) and Shore hardness grades, suitable for many industrial applications. As standard we we stock: 

  • FDA approved food compliant silicone sheet
  • Self adhesive silicone sheet
  • High temperature Silicone Sheet
  • Platinum Cured Silicone Sheet 
  • Metal Detectable Silicone. 


Silicone Sheet High Temperature Grade, 60 Shore
High Temp Silicone Sheet offers all the properties of general purpose silicone sheet but with the added advantage of ... View full description
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