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The Benefits of Viton Rubber

The Benefits of Viton Rubber
Posted by Nick P on May 01, '13

At TYM we were among the first to recognise the potential of Viton Rubber to customers requiring a versatile elastomer that works under a range extreme conditions, and our comprehensive stocks of Viton Rubber Cord, Viton Rubber Sheeting and Viton Rubber Tube have established us as one of the market leaders in the field.

We have continued to add to our range of this multifaceted and prized material, and increasing demand for all things Viton, which first emerged commercially as O-rings seals for hot engine lubricants and hydraulic fluids on aircraft, shows no sign of waning.

Viton Rubber and its range of uses

Viton Rubber is now particularly valued wherever heat and chemical resistance under extreme conditions and robust sealing integrity for gases, corrosive chemicals and hot engine lubricants are important, and our customers are increasingly coming from industries such as medical research, power generation and construction as well as aerospace.

Viton Sheet and Viton Tube are ideal for the production of O-rings, while our Viton Cord is particularly in demand as a sealant against high and low temperature inorganic acids and chemicals, as well as for its applications in vacuum equipment and for fire protection around electrical components.

TYM always maintain healthy stocks of Viton Rubber at highly competitive prices, either pre-bonded or in cut-to-order lengths.

As more and more applications emerge for this versatile sealant, why not take advantage of our expertise and advice on how Viton Rubber could fit with your particular requirements?

We stock both General and High Performance grades of Viton Rubber Sheet in sizes from 0.5mm to 6mm. Viton Hose is supplied in a wide variety of thicknesses and inner diameters, including 3.2mmid x 1.2mmwall, 4mmid x 1mmwall, 6mmid x 1mmwall and 6mmid x 3mmwall, and we now stock Viton Rubber Cord in sizes from 1.6mm up to 14mm.


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